The Why and What


ROMANS 5:2 Calls us to rejoice/exult in hope of the glory of God and in the next breath we are called to rejoice/exult in our tribulations/sufferings.  How does that work out in the reality of the day to day world?

We want to know why we are going through the pain mixed fear of cancer.  Why are we the one that is being assaulted, fired or divorced?

God is the God of love, peace, mercy and forgiveness and yet we struggle with the why of our suffering.

To be called to rejoice/exult in the mist of the pain is at first glance mockery and at best mechanical.

God has given us the freedom to choose Him and receive His miracle called grace and peace.  But the day to day world is filled with evil actions, broken systems and fallen realities that seem to contradict these promises.

Jesus said that we see His truth through a dirty pane of glass.  This fogged window is often the cause for the struggle between the two realities.   We need to filter our why question through the reality of the evil that entangles us in  this world. Each day God gives us we wake up in a spiritual war.

Ephesians 2:2-3, 6:12 and John 16:33 are just a starting point to understand the darkness of the world were we now live.

The outgrowth of that battle is suffering, and tribulation mixed with the victory we have in Jesus.  The World and its fallen nature, the unredeemed flesh filled with its sinful appetites and the attacks of the evil one and his demons paint the picture of life here and now.  This harsh reality is the root cause of the suffering we experience as we live out Gods plan here on earth.     

There is a better way.  Lets ask the What question rather than the Why. The answer to the what now question is well constructed in Romans 5:3-4. 

As we walk through the tough stuff of life and surrender to our savior Jesus we will see our nature and belief mature in a process of perseverance, proven character and hope in the Lord Jesus. 

If your life is in deep water, try asking the what question and its next step choices.  You may find the peace of God at the center of that answer. 

Your brother in Christ


The 4 voices in our heads

" Do the voices in my head bother you?"

This is a  quote from the movie the God's Must be Crazy.  It speaks into the daily conversations that play out in our moment by moment thoughts.

There are four voices making up the conversations in our head and we need to tune into the source of these 4 voices that are playing in real time. We then filter for the  One voice that is the Way the Truth and the Life.  The other three are a toxic concoction of lies, deceptions and distraction.

The source of four voices in our heads are; THE WORLD ( ISA 13:11), THE FLESH ( ROMANS 8:6 ), THE DEVIL (JOHN 8:44 ) AND GOD ( JOHN 14:6 )

We are in a battle for the truth and the battle field is our minds. 2cor.10:5 commands us to "Take every thought captive to obey Christ". This is active engagement not passive complacence.

The consequences are eternal and the reality is we have the privilege to serve the one true King.

Take that next step and filter the noise so you can and will hear His still voice of truth. And respond to His call to Duty.






Joy and Pain

Romans 5:1-5 speaks into a life journey that is at the same time is toxic and healing.  One family has the hell of the loss of two sons from drugs.  The emotional and physical pain is and has wiped away any hope of the joy the bible speaks to. Another family struggles each day with the chemo treatments for the 8 year old son.  The side effects carry a pain that no parent should see their child endure.  But they just received the hope filled news that the tumor is reduced in size by half and now they balance the Joy with the pain.

Our journeys face similar battles.  Most are not in this magnitude but even the daily struggles of life often mix the cocktail of Joy and Pain.  Romans 5 gives us the key to daily success in this balancing act.  

It starts with a relational reality. "We are justified by grace through faith. There we enter into our personal relationship with Jesus our Savior and Redeemer.  This connection is the source of Hope in God and the means to a tonic called endurance. The Holy Spirit pours us a cup of His anointing fillings us for now and tomorrow.

This process begins with knowing Jesus personally and receiving Him through the  gift of grace and faith, Salvation. ( Ephesians 2:8-9.) This is the door that leads to the hope of balancing Joy and Pain In the storm and in the daily struggles that life sends your way.

If you would like to talk more about this send me email and we can continue the conversation.



Care for a wounded soul

TRIAGE in caring for a wounded or ill person is the first and critical step. The care giver assigns degrees of urgency to the wound or illness.  The loss of blood often is the obvious or presenting issue.  it is well known that human life is in the blood coursing through our bodies. To bleed out means that there is a major artery or vein that has been severed and if this lose of life is not stopped at once the patient will likely die. 

Gods original design for life with Him was ended by the SIN of Adam and Eve and ultimately by all mankind. We need transformation from sin polluted blood to that of the Blood of Jesus. For victory over sin and the freedom of the sinner God had no other means or thought than the BLOOD OF CHRIST. Jesus shed his blood for us as the only sacrifice and source for our struggling wounded soul. Our heart will never rest nor will we find salvation and freedom until we decide to surrender to Jesus and receive the salvation that is ours through His death on the cross, the shedding of His blood on our behalf and his victorious resurrection.

What ever you are facing right now take the time and effort to fully learn the blessing that is yours in Jesus through His shed blood. Through faith, begin to learn and give up our self centeredness, as we press into the fullness of life as followers of Jesus. We will find the soul healing we so long for when we surrender our lives wholly to God in prayer and faith. As the great hymn of the past years "There is power in the blood wonder working power in the precious blood of the Lamb"

Much of the thoughts and truths in this blog come from the Bible and the writings of Andrew Murray in his book "The Power of theBlood of Jesus".  It would be a great place to start your journey of faith, understanding, healing and rescue.



bibical steps to well being

In the apostle Paul's letter to the people of Corinth he painted a picture of a life lived well.

The first brush stroke is to Listen! 

Listen to His voice; in the summer wind, in the morning birds song, in the cry of a baby and in the Words of the Psalms.

The next color applied to the canvas of life, is to Stand Tall in the heart of Faith.

To Stand Tall, is a picture of being courageous and strong in our faith despite the darkness of life.

Let Love Prevail !

Love is of God, through God and by God. It is miraculous how conflict melts away when we act and speak from a heart of love. The power to be that person and do life that way is in, by and from the Holy Spirit.

Life is a master piece when we be and live in the creation of each day, "To day is the day that the Lord has made let me rejoice and be glad in it."

Soul Care is here to be with you on your journey. Reach out today!






Fallow Ground

 In Chapter 10 of the book of  Hosea we are called to breakup, plow, make ready our fallow ground. Our fallow ground is good soil that has great potential but sits dry hard and unfruitful.

The story behind the condition of our fallow ground is rooted in the choice we have made. we have plowed wickedness, reaped injustice and eaten the fruit of our lies.  We have trusted in our wants, demands and desires instead of seeing the Lord's rain of righteousness.

 Proverbs 27:12 tells us that when the prudent sees danger they take refuge. The selfish simple and naïve continue down the path of consequences. 

Our prayer is for your church, a couple you know or a friend in need, that they will see the danger, evil or destruction ahead and have the courage to take action and reach out for the hand of the Rescuer  before they suffer the pain at the end of the path.

( thanks to Andy Stanley and his Baggage Series for helping me see the connection between the soil of our choices and the warning of the path we maybe on.)

Emotional Pain!


The fog of emotional pain hides the reality of mercy and forgiveness. It steals the balm of joy and peace.

It Is the Breath of God that lifts the fog of pain from our hearts.  Once we can see the path of hope that leads to healing,  we can endure and thrive at the same time. 

Mercy received and forgiveness granted is great medicine to start the process down the path healing.   This is an experience that is not to be wasted.

it is the presence of another on this journey that can help us to discover the joy and peace at the end of the road.

Soul care ministry desires to be your companion. Please reach out as there is hope at the end of the road.






a new beginning

How is your "WANT TO?"

In John 5:6 Jesus asked the man infirmed for thirty-eight years "Do you WANT TO be made well?" This question is best answered with assent and action blended together into a powerful concoction. A real and raw picture of a changed want to is " The Twelve Steps of AA."  The Twelve Step  journey is woven together with verbs of admitting , believing, deciding, turning, searching. and doing. These are all want to words.  Even when we are fully aware that we need spiritual, emotional and physical care we lay on our mats, failing to take that first WANT TO action.

Soul Care is just an email or phone call away.  Let us be the catalyst to renew your WANT TO. Reach out now, thirty-eight years is a long time to be stuck.