Joy and Pain

Romans 5:1-5 speaks into a life journey that is at the same time is toxic and healing.  One family has the hell of the loss of two sons from drugs.  The emotional and physical pain is and has wiped away any hope of the joy the bible speaks to. Another family struggles each day with the chemo treatments for the 8 year old son.  The side effects carry a pain that no parent should see their child endure.  But they just received the hope filled news that the tumor is reduced in size by half and now they balance the Joy with the pain.

Our journeys face similar battles.  Most are not in this magnitude but even the daily struggles of life often mix the cocktail of Joy and Pain.  Romans 5 gives us the key to daily success in this balancing act.  

It starts with a relational reality. "We are justified by grace through faith. There we enter into our personal relationship with Jesus our Savior and Redeemer.  This connection is the source of Hope in God and the means to a tonic called endurance. The Holy Spirit pours us a cup of His anointing fillings us for now and tomorrow.

This process begins with knowing Jesus personally and receiving Him through the  gift of grace and faith, Salvation. ( Ephesians 2:8-9.) This is the door that leads to the hope of balancing Joy and Pain In the storm and in the daily struggles that life sends your way.

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