Fallow Ground

 In Chapter 10 of the book of  Hosea we are called to breakup, plow, make ready our fallow ground. Our fallow ground is good soil that has great potential but sits dry hard and unfruitful.

The story behind the condition of our fallow ground is rooted in the choice we have made. we have plowed wickedness, reaped injustice and eaten the fruit of our lies.  We have trusted in our wants, demands and desires instead of seeing the Lord's rain of righteousness.

 Proverbs 27:12 tells us that when the prudent sees danger they take refuge. The selfish simple and na├»ve continue down the path of consequences. 

Our prayer is for your church, a couple you know or a friend in need, that they will see the danger, evil or destruction ahead and have the courage to take action and reach out for the hand of the Rescuer  before they suffer the pain at the end of the path.

( thanks to Andy Stanley and his Baggage Series for helping me see the connection between the soil of our choices and the warning of the path we maybe on.)