Care for a wounded soul

TRIAGE in caring for a wounded or ill person is the first and critical step. The care giver assigns degrees of urgency to the wound or illness.  The loss of blood often is the obvious or presenting issue.  it is well known that human life is in the blood coursing through our bodies. To bleed out means that there is a major artery or vein that has been severed and if this lose of life is not stopped at once the patient will likely die. 

Gods original design for life with Him was ended by the SIN of Adam and Eve and ultimately by all mankind. We need transformation from sin polluted blood to that of the Blood of Jesus. For victory over sin and the freedom of the sinner God had no other means or thought than the BLOOD OF CHRIST. Jesus shed his blood for us as the only sacrifice and source for our struggling wounded soul. Our heart will never rest nor will we find salvation and freedom until we decide to surrender to Jesus and receive the salvation that is ours through His death on the cross, the shedding of His blood on our behalf and his victorious resurrection.

What ever you are facing right now take the time and effort to fully learn the blessing that is yours in Jesus through His shed blood. Through faith, begin to learn and give up our self centeredness, as we press into the fullness of life as followers of Jesus. We will find the soul healing we so long for when we surrender our lives wholly to God in prayer and faith. As the great hymn of the past years "There is power in the blood wonder working power in the precious blood of the Lamb"

Much of the thoughts and truths in this blog come from the Bible and the writings of Andrew Murray in his book "The Power of theBlood of Jesus".  It would be a great place to start your journey of faith, understanding, healing and rescue.