Care For The Church

Would you like to have a conversation with a church lay leader, and member who has served the body of Christ for over 43 years? We call this conversation a “View from the Pew”. It is a safe and private conversation.  It starts with sharing your story. This often uncovers issues that are confronting the leaders of the church today.   The next step is to take the discovered issues, unpack them and address the root of the cause by using a conflict coaching process noted below:

  • We are called to be Peace Makers so the first step is Basic Training in Managing Conflict.  This journey starts with identifying heart issues that rob our strength and the vision of the church.
  • Next the process builds a safe energized platform and will give birth to a new vision for your church or ministry.  The critical areas of change for all involved are; bible based forgiveness, the art of self-sacrifice and surrender to the will of God.  The training best works in a small group environment but can be used in a larger group setting.
  • In some cases the Basic Training process reveals deeper issues that require individual Coaching and Counseling through these mess areas.  This spiritual healing component is usually done in a one on one conversation.