Care For The Family

Conflict in a family and marriage is complex and often deeply rooted in family of origin issues.  The path to resolve and renewal often takes formal mediation.  The heart of the struggle is relational.  This includes the individuals personal saving relationship with Jesus as well as the intertwined relationships of husband, wife, children and the extended family as well.

Soul Care suggests that a great starting point is an opened invitation Marriage Conference. The conference is different from most conferences available today, as the time and focus is understanding the nature source and language of conflict.

With the basic understanding of conflict established, a fresh breath of HOPE often fills the room.  Hope in Gods renewing and restoring power, as it works thru His Word and the Holy Spirit.  The two gifts from God that need a new out pouring onto the family is Hope and Grace.

The Marriage Conference is a place of discovery and hope. The next step of Renewal and healing for Marriages is small groups. This is where the real work is done. Soul Care would love to have a conversation about the structure content and nature of these small group.

Finally the best way to have a God center well function  marriage is to start the hard work before the marriage happens.  Soul Care calls this event the “Pre-marriage Preparation”. This process uses God's design as the essential starting point to build the family on the right foundation.

After coaching and mentoring over 50 couples through this process I have discovered that a 6 session journey in a small group setting is the best configuration.